Bajimat in the trailer

On the one hand, everyone’s favorite Godzilla, on the opposite hand, the hugely popular King Kong. These two characters shook the screen at different times. But after an extended wait, these two characters are getting to be one. In 2015, Legendary and Warner Bros. announced that their hands were getting to be one.

7 years have passed since then. At this point they kept that word. the 2 production companies appeared on the screen alongside these two characters. The trailer of Godzilla Versus Cong has been released from the official channel of Warner Bros. Pictures on Sunday. Viewers are already overwhelmed by the trailer.

However, teasers are usually given before the trailer to capture the thrill, without which Warner Bros. has appeared directly with the trailer. However, the assembly company has explained why. When it had been first announced that the film would be made in 2015, it had been decided that Godzilla Versus Kong would be released simultaneously in theaters around the world by May 29, 2020.

Then they need to cancel the plan for the coronal situation. Authorities wanted to bring the film to stage, in order that they had to attend until the infection was relatively better. That’s why they do not want to form the audience wait by releasing teasers. And for this, Warner Brothers has released the live trailer.

Seeing the trailer, it’s understood that the clash of those two characters goes to be the most theme of the screenplay! But people can not be overlooked. therefore the summary of the story of the film says that at this point these two animals of infinite power are getting to be the victims of a person’s conspiracy. As a result, both of them are in peril of disappearing from the earth!

It is learned that the trailer directed by Adam Wingard has been released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu besides English. The movie goes to be released on the OTT platform HBO Max on March 26 this year. However, at this point, it’s the turn of King Kong and Godzilla to ascertain if one among them will survive!


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