Poppy, I do BNP

Sadika Parveen Poppy may be a popular actress in Bengali cinema. Early in her career, she was rumored to be married to hero Shakil Khan. within the middle of last year, Poppy heard rumors of affection and marriage with hero Zayed Khan. Recently, the actress has become the headline of the news again thanks to the rumors of marriage.

As soon because the rumors of Poppy’s marriage didn’t stop, a young man named Zico sent a letter from Sirajganj asking her to marry him. Samaynews received the letter.

In a letter typed on a computer, Zico wrote, ‘Poppy, I belong to the BNP party, I even have tons of power. I will be able to cause you to an MP from BNP. you’ll attend Parliament as an MP. ‘

Asked about the identity of the young man who wanted to marry Poppy, the young man told Timenews reporter on Monday (January 25) at noon, “I am at a particular stage. I’m with the MP. ‘ When asked about the name of the MP, Zico Saf said, such a lot can’t be said. Party matters.

When contacted on the amount given within the letter, Zico said he has two trucks. Besides, there are shops selling electronics products in Bogra. He liked Poppy for 3 years.

Meanwhile, it’s heard that Poppy lives within the flat given to her by her new boyfriend. He left his range in Eskaton, the capital. Living within the vicinity of the diplomatic neighborhood. Poppy’s new boyfriend is an expatriate businessman.

he couldn’t be found by contacting Poppy’s personal number to understand about the rumors of assurance to become an MP . we’ll need to wait a couple of more days to ascertain if the excitement about the new poppy will last.

Poppy made his acting debut in 1998 within the movie ‘Coolie’ directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar. Then gave many business successful movies as gifts. He holds numerous awards, including three National Film Awards.


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