Rape trapped in love

It has been alleged that a 19-year-old orphan girl was seven months pregnant after being raped in Sanbandha of Sakhipur Upazila in Tangail.

Police have arrested Asim Dhopake, 38, the sole accused within the case. Asim is that the son lately Atul Dhopar of Kortia Hatkhola area of Tangail Sadar Upazila.

According to the case sources, the girl was staying at her sister’s house in Korea Kolejpara of Tangail Sadar Upazila after her parents died in her childhood. thanks to staying therein house, he got familiar with Asim Dhofar. He offered like to the girl quite once. However, being of a special religion, the girl turned down his offer. At one stage, Infinite tricks him into falling crazy. He later converted to Islam and raped her quite once.

The last time she was raped was on September 24 last year at Kortia Haat within the godown of Asim Dhopar. She became pregnant. then , Asim made it clear that he wouldn’t marry if he was pressured to urge married.

At this point, the girl can know that she is infinitely married and has children. He told the girl to ruin her seven-month-old child thanks to pressure for marriage. He was also threatened to be killed if he didn’t comply with this. On January 20, the girl filed a case with the Tangail Model police headquarters.

Investigating officer of the case and Sub-Inspector (SI) of Tangail Model police headquarters Pratima Rani Tarafdar said the accused Asim Dhopa was arrested and sent to jail through the court soon after the case was filed.


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