Russia is bringing

This time the holdup is sweet news for the town dwellers. At this point, Russia goes to bring flying taxis. it’s already been tested. Its production has been announced within this year.

Traffic congestion may be a big problem in most countries on the planet. Ordinary people spend an enormous part of their lives in traffic jams. Flying taxis can solve this problem.

In the meantime, models of flying taxis or hover taxis invented in Russian technology are released. it’ll be tested next September using Five G technology. If successful, the top of the flying taxi hover surf said it might start production by the top of the year.

Alexander Atamanov, head of Hoversurf, said: “All the technology we’ve developed thus far is going to be incorporated this year. The taxi with the new sort of engine is going to be ready to fly soon.

Meanwhile, Russian flying taxi maker Hoversurf has signed an agreement with Dubai Police to provide a hoverbike Esthri for a personal drone with a high seat. the value of traveling during a hover taxi is going to be approximately 27 per kilometer. Since 2016, the corporate has been ready to attract an investment of three million dollars for flying taxis.


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