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It is foolish to avoid something that’s now impossible within the age of technology. Work beyond human comprehension is now being made possible by technology. Similarly, at this point, the technology is coming to completely charge the electrical car in five minutes.

A report by the planet Economic Forum has revealed such surprising information. A Chinese factory has reportedly developed a lithium-ion battery that will be charged at an equivalent time as filling a gasoline station with oil or gas.

According to Pod Point, a manufacturer of electric car chargers, it takes a mean of eight hours for a typical electric battery to be fully charged. But with this technology, A battery is often charged in five minutes.

The Israeli company Stordot is functioning with this new battery with lithium and ions. And consistent with their instructions, one thousand sample batteries are made during a factory called Eve Energy in China.

Graphite is usually used as an electrode in batteries made from lithium and ions. But this new technology is using semiconductor nanoparticles rather than graphite in batteries. This reduces the time to charge the battery. And it’s relatively cheap.

On January 18, Elon Musk also mentioned on Twitter that the electric car is going to be charged quickly. Where he spoke of working with Tesla fast charging technology.

If it’s possible to charge in 5 minutes with this new technology, technology experts think that a lot of problems are going to be solved. However, car lovers will need to wait a couple of more years to urge a taste of this new technology.


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