The moon can be

Kaaba Sharif is that the holiest place within the world for Muslims. The Muslim community prays towards this house of God. The moon is going to be seen over the Kaaba in Mecca next Thursday (January 26), consistent with several international media outlets, including the Saudi Gazette. That day is going to be the fourteenth day of the moon.

The Saudi Arabian-based media Urdu News also confirmed the matter, quoting Majid Abu Zahra, chief engineer of the Astronomical Science Society.

This is getting to be the primary sensational event in Saudi Arabia in 2021. On today, various classes of Saudi Arabia are preparing to enjoy the moon within the Kaaba desert. Earlier, on November 26, 2016, then on December 24 of an equivalent year, the moon was similarly seen above the Kaaba Sharif.

Last seen in March 2020. The moon stays on the Kaaba once a year. which may be seen on the proper side of the Masjid Haram.


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